Our certificates

At Select Projects, we believe that providing high-quality services is paramount. The safety and health of our professionals has the highest priority. We are committed to managing the risks that our staff are subject to in their work environment. To this end, as of 2015, Select Projects works according to the OHSAS 18001 standard in Belgium and the Netherlands.

In the Netherlands, we attained the NEN 4400-1 certification. This national quality standard covers payment of taxes and social security premiums and ensures that we are authorised to carry out work in the Netherlands.

For work activities in the Netherlands, we can provide you with a valid Sequential Liability Act declaration. Select Projects the Netherlands has a valid SBI code in accordance with the Placement of Personnel by Intermediaries Act and a blocked bank account to ensure the withholding tax contribution is paid correctly and on time.

To assist Dutch companies with the shortage of technical professionals, we can recruit sponsored educated technical professionals from abroad and bring them to the Netherlands. To this end, we are qualified with the IND certificate.

In the Netherlands we are part of the Vereniging voor detacheerders Nederland (VvDN), an assosciation founded in 2019. They are committed to outsourced workers and organizations that consider outsourcing as their core activity.

In Belgium, we are recognised by the Belgian Federgon professional association as a Project Outsourcing Certified Member. This certification guarantees that we properly comply with the regulations and emphasises our continuous efforts to provide optimal quality services. For example, amongst other things, this involves the following themes: know-how and professional competence, acceptance and implementation of the project, confidentiality, ethical business practices, civil liability, etc.