International project consultants share their experience

Published on: 7 January 2019

In a previous blogpost you could read about how Select Projects Netherlands is supporting their client in Zwolle with a young and dynamic team of international engineers. Two of our engineers share their experience about project work at Select Projects.

Diletta Frascarella (Revit – Bim modelleur / Italy) 

I met Jef from Select Project via LinkedIn, I was looking for a job when he contacted me the first time. In the beginning I had some doubts about the organisation, because in Italy it is not common to find work in this way. I decided to look for a job in The Netherlands because my boyfriend was doing the same. I graduated in construction engineering and architecture, so at the beginning I was not sure that this Project in the telecom industry could be good for me, but I was really interested in applying my studies to a totally different field, so I accepted the challenge!

What I like most about my current job is the young and international team. This allows me to constantly learn new things about other cultures, different methods of study and work and gives me constant stimuli. We are such a cool team!

Select project made my life easier in The Netherlands, they are extremely precise, punctual, honest and generous. They are the first employer from whom I receive gifts at Christmas, Easter and New Year. They are always available to help you with the local bureaucracy and you really feel that they fully understand your situation as an expat.

Why you should come and join Select Projects? I suggest you meet Jef and you will certainly want to work with us!

Mario Gomez (Revit – Bim modelleur / Spain) 

From the beginning I could feel how Select Projects takes care of people, they were really helpful and friendly to me. During the application process, Jef gave me advice and suggestions on how to be a better candidate and I was updated about the progress several times. I am very grateful about that, because the Select Projects-team helped me a lot with this new challenge, making it much easier and faster for me.

I was looking for a place with opportunities for the future, so The Netherlands was the choice. At the same time, The Netherlands is a very friendly country, where everyone is welcome. Otherwise, the Dutch culture, art and design was always an influence during my studies, I really appreciate Dutch architecture and it was one of the main reasons to choose The Netherlands.

At the technical design project, we use Revit. This was essential to choose the project, it is an innovative way of working with a lot of opportunities and applications in the future of architecture and engineering. The international team is also one of the most interesting things about the project. We can share different ways of working and knowledge about architecture and software. Besides work, we are all in the same situation, working abroad and struggling with the same problems, because of that we help each other and are a big family. I am really happy with my colleagues and really proud of my team.

Select Projects makes me feel covered and safe. If I have a problem or a doubt, it is going to be fixed easily, Jef is always available to receive calls and replies my mails instantly. That is really appreciated when you are in an unknown situation and you need a helping hand.

I would recommend Select Projects because of the help and the support that they give you since the first second. You can trust in them and the service is excellent.